Bachelor Party (1984)

Neal Israel directs Tom Hanks, Adrian Zmed and Tawny Kitaen in this gross out comedy where a group of arseholes have a bachelor party.

From the creatives behind Police Academy, this feels really off. Tom Hanks is trying an obnoxious but “cool” schtick that comes across as very creepy, but he holds the eye better than any of his interchangeable male co-stars. Weird to think he, Michael Keaton and Steve Guttenberg were all battling it out to be the next Chevy Chase or Steve Martin at this point in their respective careers, a goal none of them ended up hitting. Which in the long run was for the best. This is pretty abrasive, lowest common denominator fare for the first hour but the chaos starts building towards the end to a decent crescendo. It becomes so busy you can begin to look past the creakiness of the jokes. And Tawny Kitaen is surprisingly good in a role that requires little of her more than to be a pretty face. There are a few scenes where you wish we stuck more with the bridal shower rather than the curly haired boy men.


Perfect Double Bill: Dragnet (1987)

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