Bergman Island (2022)

Mia Hansen-Løve directs Vicky Krieps, Tim Roth and Mia Wasikowska in this arthouse drama about a couple, filmmakers, who work on their next projects while staying in Ingmar Bergman’s home.

Bergman directed 50 feature films. Which means you could watch a different Ingmar movie every week for a year and be bored every time. I tease. But there’s a grain of truth there. This movie is about gender imbalance when it comes to having the space and confidence to create. But it really needs to check its privilege. Very few are awarded the freedom to spend weeks writing on inspirational islands with other more successful filmmakers, there also to lend their cache and connections to projects. That ain’t no curse. Queen, if you can’t write in Swedish paradise then maybe you ain’t that good a writer. At one point Vicky Kriep’s flaky wife begins to tell Tim Roth’s distracted director her fragment of a story idea at length. Midway through he zones out and she calls him out in it. I get the feeling he and us would rather be watching the well made retro horror we glimpse at the screening. Did he check out from the story because he’s a disinterested, selfish man? Or it wasn’t worth telling at such laborious detail in the first place? Dull but pretty, well cast.


Perfect Double Bill: All Is Forgiven (2007)

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