Dragnet (1987)

Tom Mankiewicz directs Dan Aykroyd, Tom Hanks and Alexandra Paul in this buddy cop comedy reboot of the Fifties straight laced detective show.

A favourite when I was a kid but put away and forgotten about like a Visionaries toy or a Bobby Brown cassette through my twenties and thirties. It hasn’t stood the test of time, being relatively jokeless and shapeless. There’s at least a definite energy to Dragnet, that means it is never boring even when it doesn’t work. Being both a big budget 80s comedy and directed by Roger Moore era 007 writer Mankiewicz there are three sequences of expensive vehicular slapstick where some more wittier silliness really should be. Aykroyd seems to be having a blast talking fast in jargon… that is his schtick. Hanks was already destined for better things. The rap they do at the end is atrocious.


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