Freddy V Jason (2003)

Ronny Yu directs Monica Keener, Robert Englund and Katharine Isabelle in this horror crossover movie where the villains from Elm Street and Friday the 13th fight over who gets to kill the teens.

Pretty dumb and routine. Yu’s slick direction plays more expensive looking than the earlier franchise entries but makes minimal sense. The movie only comes to life when Freddy and Jason finally start tearing chunks out of each other on a construction site. This late in the day Looney Tunes violence isn’t worth waiting up for though. The kids are so underwritten and disposable that even the decent Keener and Isabelle struggle to be more than doomed T&A.


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One comment

  1. warrenwatchedamovie · March 10, 2021

    I thought of it as a modern take on the old Universal horror mashups. It was just silly and mindless fun.

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