The Lost City (2022)

Aaron Nee and Adam Nee direct Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe in this romantic comedy action adventure where a novelist is kidnapped by an evil mastermind who believes her latest trash novel might hold the key to a hidden treasure on a tropical island.

Owes so much to Romancing The Stone that Diane Thomas and Bob Zemeckis might want to sue. OK… so there’s a wedge of Galaxy Quest drizzled on top too. All the best jokes are in the trailer, the adventure and the romance never really find their rhythm. It is also punched up to the point of dubiousness. The film has to be 30% looped in post-production gags and test audience pleasing reshoots. None of which particularly are worth the effort. Give the stronger stuff room to breathe, guys. Trust your shooting screenplay and stars! Still it is bright and inoffensive. The top four big names (Brad Pitt has a neat extended cameo) all can do this stuff in their sleep. You certainly wouldn’t switch over if it came on TV in a hotel room. Sandra looks resplendent in puce sequins. Just doesn’t live up to the high entertainment pedigree it invokes.


Perfect Double Bill: King Solomon’s Mines (1985)

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