Demolition Man (1993)

Marco Brambilla directs Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock in this sci-fi action comedy where a violent cop and his nemesis are defrosted in a peaceful, fascist future.

The first half of this amps up the satire and is a lot of laughs. Shame the action is so uninspired. Very much a case of loud scenes where one star shoots endless projectiles at the other name who outruns them with a perturbed look on their face. The finale feels like that shot stuck on a loop. The tongue-in-cheek world building has aged far better; swearing fines, the three seashells, Taco Bell. Snipes gives flamboyant villain, often dressed as kid TV show presenter (a look that is never explained). Bullock is the highlight in a significant pre-fame role as Stallone’s 20th century obsessed partner.


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