Romancing the Stone (1984)


Robert Zemeckis directs Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas and Danny DeVito in this romantic comedy where a pair of mismatched Americans chase an emerald and find love, while various factions chase them.

This is how you do it. Blockbuster adventure aimed squarely at adults where the palpable chemistry of the stars, the wit of the script and the epic sweep of the storytelling gel into a near perfect movie. Written off as a slight Indiana Jones rip-off until audiences flocked to it in its day, this has aged like the finest of wines. Turner and Douglas have to be one of the big screen’s sexiest pairings and here watching her transform from hopeless romantic writer to bombshell hero and him from unreliable rogue to “trustworthy” foil are two of the most delightful character arcs ever explored. DeVito adds his sleazy, desperate brand of performance to the mix meaning the film never lags even when the sizzling leads are off screen. You are never too far from an amazing location stunt or laugh out loud exchange with the groovy Latin themed score tying it together with a neat bow. And then the final set piece arrives as all heavily armed parties and a gem swallowing crocodile face off and chase about an old fort is a masterclass in multi strand tension. You’ll watch with a big smile on your face and then wish they started making them like this again.


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