Gunshy (2000)

Eric Blakeney directs Liam Neeson, Oliver Platt and Sandra Bullock in this crime comedy where an undercover Fed begins group therapy, a relationship with his cute colon cleaner and a friendship with a mafia psycho.

Can definitely see why this got greenlit at the peak of Analyse This / Mickey Blue Eyes fever. Yet it is simultaneously criminally ornate and under baked. The opening sequence is important to many of the later relationships and gags, yet it is very choppily edited. We rush through a violent fantasia with names like Taylor Negron appearing for just one distracting shot. You assume we’ll get the full picture at the second act turning point… a flashback that fills in the elusive blanks… Nah. It is never revisited. This cavalier, distracted manner of storytelling is endemic throughout. You’ll struggle to care, never laugh. Not enough Sandy Bullock – she’s in her perky wheelhouse but its a small role that should have went to newcomer rather than an A-Lister. A cameo would have made sense, but tenth billed?? Maybe she owed somebody a few days’ work?


Perfect Double Bill: The Whole Nine Yards (2000)

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