Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)

Joe Johnston directs Rick Moranis, Amy O’Neill and Marcia Strassman in this kids adventure movie where a suburban inventor accidentally miniaturises the local kids and the squabbling bunch must make their way across the expanse of their backyards.

I remember being taken to this in the summer of 1989 and it was so popular we had to queue an hour before around the Ealing ABC. I only ever had to do that for this and Twins. Holds up surprisingly well. The practical special effects marvel, there’s solid family friendly humour and regular lively set pieces. It means there’s never a dull moment. Re-Animator’s Brian Yunza and Stuart Gordon wrote the original screenplay and you can see their sensibilities rustling beneath the more patented Disney elements. The two conflicting influences work exceedingly well together. This is as close to replicating The Goonies as any family film ever got. The Monster Squad and The Lost Boys were just a little too adult. This actually hits its PG remit bang on target.


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