The Game (1997)

David Fincher directs Michael Douglas, Sean Penn and Deborah Kara Unger in this mystery thriller where a sad billionaire signs up for a ‘game’,one that starts to impinge on every element of his solitary life.

Can’t believe I’m about to write far, far less words about a movie I’ve always loved because I’ve spent an entire day on fucking Toys!? Premium hokum. Humbugs and nitpickers need not apply. A really sinister masterful expansion on a Tales of The Unexpected. Fincher’s directorial control on this is truly Hitchcockian. Flawless. The highly improbable level of fakery conjured to make ‘the game’’s machinations convince in many ways is a love letter to big budget filmmaking. Set decorators, well cast extras, convincing supports, squibs and stunts. All the tricks of modern storytelling are employed in the grift, making for an unofficial celebration of such Hollywood illusions. Sometimes you realise the dangers Michael Douglas’ Scrooge Meets Gordon Gecko lead is dropped into aren’t really all that life threatening if he stopped to take a breath and just think things through. But as a twisty turning puzzle that holds up to multiple watches, this is still a class act. Just go with it!


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