Hell on the Border (2019)

Wes Miller directs David Gyasi, Ron Perlman and Frank Grillo in this Western that attempts to tell the Bass Reeves story; the first black U.S. Marshall and alleged inspiration for The Lone Ranger.

For an hour this is a dull rather trudging Western. The ever reliable Perlman and Grillo try to inject some spunk into their stock parts but the writing never rises above a Nineties teatime adventure series. The shoestring worthiness of it bleeds out any enjoyment. It looks like it has been filmed at a shutdown cowboy theme park with the almost-passable costumes of the host staff to match. Then in the final act of action… things utterly unravel. You notice headlights from a passing freeway in the treeline, buildings in the town have very modern glass and steel facades. It completely devalues a project it was hard to get invested in in the first instance. Amateur.


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