Gay U.S.A. (1977)

Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. sends 25 camera crews out to capture various Gay Pride events one summer, interview the participants, spectators and objectors.

A thrilling kaleidoscope of footage and vox pop – many unguarded. This manages to include a nice potted history of the political activist roots of the gay rights movements and even is prescient enough to catch some of the seeds of future discontent within the various factions. It works best as a celebration of love among various people before such events became commercialised. Whether the participants have just come out, only just released from heterosexual default relationships or (for want of a better pair of words) utterly flaming, their passion and freedom is splendidly euphoric. Love is the message. Would make a fine triple bill with Paris Is Burning and the little seen Nineties period drama Stonewall.


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