Buddies (1985)

Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. directs David Schachter, Geoff Edholm and Billy Lux in this indie drama where a young gay man volunteers to care for an activist dying of AIDS.

This little seen film was the first to dramatise the HIV crisis. It is a tender, frank two hander mainly set in one ward room. The more assimilated David confronts the progress and sacrifices that people like gay rights campaigner, Robert, made for people like him. And as “the old guard” dies alone, a pariah in a cold clinic, the younger man begins to embrace the importance of continuing the fight for gay rights and AIDS awareness. It is as heavy as it sounds but delivered with a lighter, more seductive touch than you’d believe possible. Bressan very much isolates us way from others people, leaving us observers on a little island in time populated by just these two souls in a private interaction.


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