First Love (2019)

Takashi Miike directs Masataka Kubota, Shota Sometani and Sakurako Konishi in this crime caper where a terminally ill boxer saves a hallucinating prostitute who is at the centre of an erupting gangwar between the yakuza and the triads.

A throwback to True Romance or Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead or at least 25 of Miike’s earlier yakuza trips. This has a lotta flamboyant scumbags chasing after a bag full of drugs over one crazy, squib-packed night. Hard to pick a favourite character from the endlessly wild ensemble. The shotgun wielding one-armed Wang? Triple crossing Kase – a super slick eager beaver with a plan way too complicated to ever actually work in practice? The demented vengeance driven pimp’s girlfriend played gloriously OTT by an actress just called “Becky”? The lead girl’s ghost dad who likes to appear in public in his white y-fronts and nothing else? It all, somehow, makes sense within the loopy carnage of the film. A hyper violent Japanese treat.


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