Film of the Week: True Romance (1993)

imageTony Scott directs Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette and Gary Oldman in this Tarantino scripted ultra violent love affair between a comic book loner and a neon clad call girl.

True Romance was the poster above my teenage bed, the music we used as our wedding march and the gateway film into my love of movies. If I was to single out one great performance in this I would merely end up listing twenty. I cannot say one negative or unbiased word about Scott’s beautifully hazy direction and Tarantino’s purest and most energetic script. The scene between Walken and Hopper, where a father faces torture, death and betraying a son he has only just reconnected with and instead chooses to insult his way with obscure history and wit to a slightly nobler end, is quite simply the greatest scene in cinema history. I have included a screenshot of Elliot Blitzer’s unfortunate traffic stop as the chosen image instead for this love letter as that visual punchline is one of the funniest in cinema too. Perfection.


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