Kajillionaire (2020)

Miranda July directs Evan Rachel Wood, Richard Jenkins and Gina Rodriguez in this crime comedy where a family of very, very low level hustlers take in a new recruit.

“Most people want to be Kajillionaires. That’s the dream. That’s how they get you hooked. Hooked on sugar, hooked on caffeine. Ha, ha, ha. Cry, cry, cry… Me I prefer to just skim.” That is Richard Jenkins’ conman’s philosophy that he raised his daughter to live by. And the perfectly monikered Old Dolio has grown into the master of the minimal profit scam. But what she really wants is love and affection… she just doesn’t know it yet. July’s deadpan, hipster styling aren’t quite as successful here as in her debut Me & You & Everyone We Know. Yet the film is still pleasantly quirky and obtusely heartwarming enough to hit a similar seam. The outsider acting is top notch and all four leads (Debra Winger plays the cold mum) have a wonderful off tempo chemistry. Evan Rachel Wood, in particular, feels like she is splashing around in some untested waters and proves to have a real gift for physical comedy and gawky unhingedness. Even if the obvious slightness of the plotting may rub you the wrong way, do stay for the pay-off. The final sting is sweetly perfect.


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