The Jesus Rolls (2019)

John Turturro directs himself, Bobby Cannavale and Audrey Tautou in this spin-off from The Big Lebowski where the lilac bowling pederast goes on an erotic road trip.

One of the strangest projects to emerge in years. A three scene character from a cult classic leads an American remake of a completely unrelated dated French favourite containing some very toxic masculinity. It is the equivalent of casting Ned Ryerson from Groundhog Day in a remake of Day of the Jackal. One of the most unfairly maligned too. 1.9 average rating on Letterboxd, 21% on Rotten Tomatoes!? Yet it is a warm, dirty pleasure – full of laughs and character actors you love seeing let loose. It is easily the best thing Tautou and Cannavale have done since their breakthroughs and Turturro clearly relishes giving his scene stealing miscreant Jesus Fontana a feature length spotlight. While no The Big Lebowski (and what is), it is even an improvement on Bertrand Blier’s source material, Les Valseuses. I can’t wait to watch this again in a double bill with The Dude.


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