The Addams Family (1991)

Barry Sonnenfeld directs Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia and Christopher Lloyd in this remake of the sixties TV series featuring a loving family of creepy and kooky ghouls.

The production design is amazing, the script bleakly witty and the casting spot on. In order of perfection, we have eternally spirited Raul in first place followed by a precociously misanthropic Ricci and then Huston and Lloyd in joint third. The sheer enthusiasm they all display in what was an infamously troubled production is a credit to them. Released exactly when I was getting seriously into cinema, this should mean as much to me as say Beetle Juice or Jurassic Park. For some reason it doesn’t… I’m fond of it, I appreciate all its strengths but I rarely revisit it. Absolutely no idea why I personally can’t embrace it fully. There’s no logic to the below score as on paper, moment to moment, this is a wonderful supernatural comedy.


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