Les Valseuses (1974)


Bertrand Blier directs Gérard Depardieu, Patrick Dewaere and Miou-Miou in this French road movie about a sexist pair of hustlers bouncing around the country, engaging in petty crimes and deadpan sex. 

A pair of misogynistic thieves get into scrapes and slowly, subtly begin to value the women they use and abuse. The bad behaviour and treatment of Miou-Miou will be abhorrent to modern audiences. Yet it is a transgressive treat, never boring, with some emotion to its callous shocks and ribald jokes. I do genuinely think Blier’s intention is to show how all sexually vicarious men do eventually mature into more sensitive, caring lovers the more they interact with women. Yet this is never explicitly stated while the overpowering flavour of their gonad led debasement of anything in a skirt of the first hour will be most people’s take home from this.


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