Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007)

Gore Verbinski directs Johnny Depp, Kiera Knightley and Geoffrey Rush in this blockbuster sequels where the pirates squabble over control of the seas.

Way too dark for kids. Not that this is a concern for me. An annoying action light two hours gives way to a chaotic sea battle with only two ships of the opposing fleets taking part. Depp feels a little played out. Lost in a mad void, we have the larky moment of seeing multiple Jacks crew a wreck. But then that joke is revisited way too many times, the well is plumbed dry and the FX cheating to achieve a flock of Sparrows becomes very obvious. It leaves other players to steal the show. Rush’s resurrected Barbossa becomes the unpredictable, gleeful one. Kiera Knightley graduates into a star… she certainly dominates your attention and wins your affection here in a way she hadn’t figured out how to a couple of movies back. The uniqueness of the franchise was it was vehicle for Depp that he took for a joyride anyway. Watching other actors hotwire his show is disappointing. Still… looks wonderful.


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