The Perfect Storm (2000)

Wolfgang Petersen directs George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and John C Reilly in the true life disaster movie where a fishing trawler finds itself battling impossible waves.

An old fashioned ‘Dad’ blockbuster. Right up my alley as a youth, even more so now. The first half of this is really quite wonderful. We follow the economics, pressures and lives of a trawler of fishermen. There’s conflicts, adventure and a pretty thorough procedural of how they fish the distant seas. Clooney tries out some new crayons in his A-List colouring kit. He aims for a Bogart / Mitchum gruff and romantic manliness and hits a lovely feel. He gives a gently rousing speech just before we set out on the doomed expedition. The rest of the cast is soup to nuts quality. The movie’s problems set in once the weather front hits. A lot of the action is CGI boats and CGI waves. We don’t really know what the Andrea Gail went back through in 1991 but what the movie suggests (and how it portrays that) ain’t half as engaging as just watching a community go about one last dangerous trip out on the ocean to end the season in profit.


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