Times Square (1980)

Allan Moyle directs Trini Alvarado, Robin Johnson and Tim Curry in this teen movie about underage runaways who bond together and form a punk movement despite their divergent upbringing.

A flawed gem. For example – for a punk film, the soundtrack is decidedly New Wave. It doesn’t always convince – the unmentioned but obvious lesbian romance the girls are in, the strip bar where one innocently works, the meandering motivations of the adults. None of this stuff rings true and all slow things down. But when it is two kids rebelling, breaking out, making their (terrible) music it has a keen, seductive energy. The seedy corrupt Times Square where most of the location works takes place doesn’t exist any more. It looks vibrant and terrifying in films like this, Basket Case and They Might Be Giants. Tim Curry is good value as a radio DJ who wants to empower / exploit the girls. Robin Johnson should have been the breakout star of this, every frame of her brims with attitude and spunk.


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