Basket Case (1982)


Frank Henenlotter directs Kevin Van Hentenryck, Terri Susan Smith and Beverly Bonner in this cult horror classic about a wide eyed boy who takes his tumorous, muderous detached siamese brother to the Big Bad Apple… in a basket. 

One of those small but select band of VHS covers that kept me terrified of my videoshop as a kid but has since grown by near legendary proportions in my imagination, this one actually even lived up to my long gestating mind hype. It is a great little quirky horror in the ReAnimator mould –  with daft but spirited performances, message in a bottle guerrila location shots of recession Times Square… plus madly ambitious and inventive creature and gore work. The edges are charmingly rough but the end result (while as about as scary as ET) is as accidentally soulful as King Kong. Kevin Van Hentenryck and Terri Susan Smith’s weirdo lovers are laugh out loud funny to boot. A treat.


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