They Might Be Giants (1971)


Anthony Harvey directs George C. Scott, Joanne Woodward and Jack Gilford in this philosophical comedy romance about a man who thinks he is Sherlock Holmes and the Doctor Watson who falls for him.

This week’s “lost” classic is a warm, emotionally intelligent and consistently charming experience. If you appreciate the good intentions of films like The Fisher King or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, (their dealings with love, loss, mental health and reality) then this feels like the forgotten foundation for their explorations and success. George C Scott puts in a typically commited shift and impresses as always, while the rest of the cast are plucked from sitcoms and children’s classic bringing an inherent screwball innocence. The entire endeavour has the broadness and likeability of a vintage family comedy, the characters are to a man distinctly wacky and the set pieces low key yet enthusiastic. But hidden amongst all this soft, accessible energy is an engagingly smart and affecting adult piece that will stay in your thoughts long after more “serious” attempts have spent their “important” loads. I get the feeling I’ve just found a new favourite.


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