Vampire In Brooklyn (1995)

Wes Craven directs Eddie Murphy, Angela Bassett and Kadeem Hardison in this horror comedy take on Dracula.

You can see why this had such a slating on release… it stinks of vanity, choppy as fuck, broad humour, Eddie only trying to be funny when he is hidden under latex in secondary roles, the distinct lack of scares. Yet there are admirable qualities too: gore, committed comedy support from Hardison and a brilliantly coarse John Witherspoon, amazing production design, a certain degree of fealty to the gothic romance of Bram Stoker, Angela Bassett is underserved but still resplendent. With low expectations it fills a Saturday night adequately. But if Craven and Murphy had unified and forged a clear agreement of what they wanted to achieve then this could have been so much more than a one-watcher.


Perfect Double Bill: Vamps (2012)

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