Movie of the Week: The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (2007)

Seth Gordon directs Steve Wiebe, Billy Mitchell and Walter Day in this documentary following the rivalry and conspiracies to claim the record of the highest score on a Donkey Kong arcade cabinet by a group of middle-aged nerds.

Hilarious and a gift that keeps on giving. Every time a new character is introduced, they are somehow even sillier and more obsessed than the last. You genuinely get emotionally involved in nice guy underdog Steve Wiebe’s quest to ratify and beat his high score. You’ll be boo-ing and hissing at the screen each time blowhard Billy Mitchell and his minions try some underhand tactic to discredit the new guy. It is a shock this was never adapted into a Will Ferrell movie but in all honesty it is consistently laugh-out-loud funny just as it is. A treasure trove of candid, unguarded, daft moments.


Perfect Double Bill: Pixels (2015)

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