Pixels (2015)

Chris Columbus directs Adam Sandler, Michelle Monaghan and Kevin James in this sci-fi comedy where a team of middle aged dorks take on an alien invasion of Earth that has modelled itself after the icons of 1980’s arcading.

Mix high concept with a team of mismatched comedy performers, garnish with special FX. Joins Men in Black and Evolution as a formulaic attempt to recreate Ghostbusters. Obviously Men in Black made proper dollar but I’m surprised there’s never been a better than average attempt to catch this elusive lightning in the bottle… discounting Ghostbusters II, of course! This is the epitome of watchable and undemanding. Yet Sandler’s brand of nostalgia, brashness and ensemble bluntness doesn’t really need blockbuster CGI sequences to drape its gilets, polo shirts and shellsuits over. Kevin James does nice work as the least likely actor to ever play the POTUS.


One comment

  1. Sam Simon · February 18, 2020

    So sad to see the name of Chris Columbus attached to this movie…


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