Crumb (1994)

Terry Zwigoff directs Robert Crumb, Charles Crumb and Aline Kominsky-Crumb in this documentary portrait of the controversial indie comic book artist, his candid sexual tastes and his highly dysfunctional family.

Even as they are carefully and humanely revealed to be people you’d actively cross the street to avoid, Zwigoff’s essay on the Crumb brothers manages to make the shut-ins and sexpests endearing within the remove of a camera and editing booth. Robert Crumb’s own proclivities, immortalised in his scratchy, deceptively detailed art, probably wouldn’t find a publisher these days if it was not for his long founded reputation. Even the most open minded viewer in 2022 is going to see some of those counter culture strips as beyond the pale. And while you know Zwigoff sides with his “outlaw” friend, he’s smart enough to include those who question and object to his bad taste subjects. Genuinely a fantastic documentary – hold your nose and jump into a world of squalor, desire and obnoxiousness. And talent!


Perfect Double Bill: Grey Gardens (1975)

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