2 Days In Paris (2007)

Julie Delpy directs herself, Adam Goldberg and Albert Delpy in this unromantic comedy where a couple visit Marion’s French family home and pressure builds on their mismatched pairing.

Kind of a more freeewheelin’, looser and sillier take on a Before movie. Lots of walking and talking… and cafes and talking… and landmarks and talking, interrupted only by quirky locals. Delpy’s presence in both series lends cache to this less polished variation. However her character is indisputably an absolute nightmare, while her view on everyone, her parents (who play themselves) excluded, is so bitter. Meaning a lot of goodwill flies out of the window long before a third act reconciliation is attempted. Not without its moments, and why shouldn’t Delpy dabble in the format she co-authored?


Perfect Double Bill: 2 Days in New York (2012)

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