Movie of the Week: Jules Et Jim (1962)

François Truffaut directs Jeanne Moreau, Henri Serre and Oskar Werner in this French New Wave classic, set before and after WWI, where two friends fall for the same woman yet attempt to find a more egalitarian way to all exist together.

The movie starts at a relentless pace. Zippy to the point of breathlessness. We are running around a gallery, dashing over train tracks, moving into the future like a sugared up shark. By the end things are grinding and sputtering. Time and ageing has defeated our three lovers. They are resigned to repeating lost memories and old conquests. Life has lost its zest. The whirlwind of lust and discovery is over. Maturity and knowledge and history has worn these youths down and away. Oskar Werner’s Jules doesn’t like the sound of clocks, he has an hourglass in his room. Later, once married, when we first enter the marital home, all we can hear is the cogs of a clock turning ominously. The boys’ performances are nowhere near as wondrous as the gorgeous Jeanne Moreau. The ending is genuinely a slap in the face but it has a poetry. One of my favourite arthouse classics…I’m more a Hollywood blockbuster guy yet Truffaut tinkles all my emotions with his buzz and mastery.


Perfect Double Bill: Eva (1962)

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