Boarding Gate (2007)

Olivier Assayas directs Asia Argento, Michael Madsen and Kelly Lin in this globetrotting thriller where a sex worker turned assassin hooks up with her former boss.

Coming from an arthouse director, this is allowed to noodle around in a narrative liminal space where it seems too little is happening. The dryness, ambiguity and corporate flatness can make it very dull at times. It doesn’t help that Madsen’s two big scenes play out like wannabe Mamet plays where neither lead has the energy to pull off the frisson needed. There’s kink and a couple of decent minimalist set pieces, Argento always catches the eye whether imperilled or seducing. It feels like a diluted Bourne or Haywire spin-off. Doesn’t live up to the movie poster’s dangerous promise but not a complete disappointment.


Perfect Double Bill: demonlover (2002)

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