Fallen (1998)

Gregory Hoblit directs Denzel Washington, John Goodman and Embeth Davidtz in this supernatural thriller where an executed serial killer turns out to be a body hopping demon.

Better than I remember. The visuals are very Se7en inspired, the fantastic hook leads to an alright twist. It feels very mid to late Nineties. Maybe that of-its-era twist ending is what let’s this down slightly. It means the last act is happier moving towards a relatively guessable outcome rather than milking all the tension that the villain’s powers gift it. We only get one inspired chase where Davidtz is imperilled as a conga line of swaps chases her down a busy street. The one second watch bonus is trying to guess when certain characters are possessed. On first watch one assumes the body hopping happens just once to each host but once you know that “Azazel” can move back and forth, and does so playfully, the fun is working in what scenes are we less obviously in the company of the killer. The Rolling Stones “Time Is On My Side” is put to memorable use and there’s a rollicking support cast that includes Donald Sutherland, Elias Koteas and James Gandolfini.


Perfect Double Bill: End Of Days (1999)

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