Movie of the Week: Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)

Susan Seidelman directs Rosanna Arquette, Madonna and Aidan Quinn in this comedy where a dissatisfied housewife assumes the life of a punkish free spirit after banging her head on a lamppost.

Possibly the best movie that tries rebottle the spirit, cool and energy of a pop star into a cinematic container. It helps that Madonna is the support and not the lead. She represents both Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, art punk and disco, the taste of a new generation. She flits in and out of the story but she really is there as an aspirational figure. A representation of everything Rosanna Arquette’s gorgeous drip is not but could be. But we all know, there’s only one Madonna. The movie of a child woman finding herself via the clothes of another maybe isn’t going to hold up to modern or mature interrogation. But this is for teenage girls… showing them two paths and knowing the one they are being shuffled away from is way more fun, glamorous and dangerous. The crime and romance subplots are incredibly scrappy. The whole thing relies on coincidence in a way that feels beyond parody. Then Get Into The Groove kicks in. Who cares? New York is alive. Vintage stores and grindhouse cinemas… This is all attitude. And in that respect it has aged wonderfully. A fairytale sponsored by Cheez Doodles.


Perfect Double Bill: Married To The Mob (1988)

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