Married to the Mob (1988)

Jonathan Demme directs Michelle Pfeiffer, Matthew Modine and Mercedes Ruehl in this romantic comedy about a mafia widow who decides to start a new life in spite of “the family” and the FBI’s continued attentions. 

A very colourful attempt at screwball comedy, one that works better as a makeover movie than a crime caper. Even from that sentence you can tell Married to the Mob is a very busy film. The lack of focus means it never excels at any point but equally it is never boring. The cast is given room to grow into their stock parts, all making more than would be possible in a straight laced studio production. Ruehl, in particular, is fantastic, demonic even in her slapstick pratfalls as the jealous boss’s wife, while Pfeiffer is sweet and thoughtful in the lead, more than earning her top billing.


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