Knightriders (1981)

George A. Romero directs Ed Harris, Tom Savini and Amy Ingersoll in this action drama where the motorcycle riders of a renaissance fair stunt team try to live by their anachronistic codes of medieval honour and chivalry.

A genuinely one of a kind movie. If I had to nail down a comparison it would be “imagine if the makeshift family of Boogie Nights preferred riding bikes in fake armour rather than making porn.” It can be a little overly earnest at times, but Romero’s values are wholesome and somewhat ahead of their time (the irony). Savini rocks as the in-house antagonist. The jousting on two wheels set pieces are distributed just about evenly with all the talkie stuff. This sat on my “to watch” pile of blu-rays for years before I had a free morning and tore the cellophane off.


Perfect Double Bill: The Loveless (1981)

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