The Loveless (1981)

Kathryn Bigelow and Monty Montgomery direct Willem Dafoe, Robert Gordon and Marianne Kanter in this biker movie where a gang of leather youths stay one day in a seedy small town while a motorcycle is repaired.

This one is all about the mood, daddio. And you know what? It coasts along with fumes in its tank and a firm grip on it throttle, nice and easy. Slight but really visually sharp. Each shot is ambitiously framed. If you like the scenes in Twin Peaks where the characters just languish about ordering diner breakfasts, listening to jukeboxes, talking hip… then this’ll work for you too. Robert Gordon’s rockabilly soundtrack gives the endeavour a heartbeat. The girls are all trailer trash sexy. Most notable for being the debut of Dafoe and Bigelow. Two massive talents who went on to consistent bigger, better things but their hearts still remain in this cool, rebel outlaw vibe. Their talent was present at their cinematic start. A watchable nothingness, pastiche-a-go-go.


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