Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021)

Andy Serkis directs Tom Hardy, Woody Harrelson and Michelle Williams in this anti-superhero sequel where Eddie Brock and his alien gloop symbiote go their separate ways.

“EDD-DIE!” Neither of the Venom movies are particularly well made, neat or cohesive but in a strange way their throwaway nature kinda is their ultimate charm. The explicit gay subtext, the slumming it cast list of alternative favourites, the gothic cathedral ending ripped straight out of an early superhero flick like Batman… I enjoy the lowest common denominator “couldn’t give a shit”ness of it all. It is a silly daft film, that knows it doesn’t have to try hard or go big when it has Tom Hardy arguing with himself in the bank and accumulating steady interest. Everything outwith the loveable incomprehensible movie star bickering with himself is secondary… baubles for the trailer. We come to see him fight himself, resist the urge to eats brains, split up, go to sexually fluid goth raves and reunite. Put it this way, if Eddie and Venom invited you to their wedding you’d go in a heartbeat. Iron Man and Pepper Pots’ big day?… I think we already have plans that weekend. A quick dumb comic book movie for adults that feels most akin to Darkman, Spawn, Blade or The Crow than anything contemporary and then plays out like a very warped rom-com. Bottom line: fun. Bonus sexy: Only 97 minutes! When was the last time you went to a blockbuster that didn’t want to wear the arse out of your jeans?


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