Venom (2018)


Ruben Fleischer directs Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed in this super(anti)hero movie about a washed up investigative reporter who becomes attached to a very nasty alien symbiote. 

A daft yet diverting effects movie. There’s a brilliant 45 minutes in the middle, where Hardy talks to his new, deadly split personality and tries to avoid dying from being its host, that are demented and gratifying. The set-up that idles along before it is overlong and cliched. The big action finale lacks tension and personality. Yet a pleasingly black humoured one man double act has been birthed by the end credits that you are hungry to see more of. Hopefully Venom is an amuse-bouche for bigger and better things. The trap is set to capture more Cronenbergian / Jekyll and Hyde carnage if a sequel is ever greenlit.



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