Freaky (2020)

Christopher Landon directs Vince Vaughn, Kathryn Newton and Uriah Shelton in this teen horror comedy where the final girl swaps bodies with the hulking slasher and has 24 hours to reverse the switch.

Natalie has always chided me for not fully embracing the fun Happy Death Day movies. I think the problem is high concept mash-ups like those films and Christopher Landon’s new movie Freaky are so up my street it is hard for them to ever fully live up to my expectations. They are almost exactly my jam but they have unfussy neatness and brightness I associate more with afternoon telly rather than midnight cinema. The horror elements, for example, could be stronger here, the stalks and survival be just a little more drawn out. I don’t think that tweak would overpower the comedy elements, which fly thanks to a game Vince Vaughn. Freaky is a funnier movie than it is a scarier movie, so easily digestible and sequel worthy that, like Happy Death Day, I can see me rewatching it more often than films I would rate higher.


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