Happy Death Day (2017)


Christopher B. Landon directs Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard and Ruby Modine in this horror comedy about a self-centred sorority girl who keeps waking up on the same morning to face the baby face masked slasher who will kill her.

So knowingly Groundhog Day meets Scream you sometimes wish it would scribble just a little outside of the lines of its easy slam dunk concept. It never really edges off into unexpected territory and worse yet is wholly self satisfied with being amusing and twisted rather laugh out loud funny or truly terrifying. Having said that, for a paint by numbers job the colouring in is vibrant and complete. The mystery element works a treat, it is guessble but not painfully obvious. Happy Death Day acts as an eye catching showcase for lead Jennifer Rothe, who surely must now be on every casting agents’ number 2 button speed dial – for when they can’t get through to Emma Roberts. Likewise Israel Broussard gives Tom Everett Scott a run for his money in the Young Tom Hanks race. Because Tom Everett Scott must now be older and less boyishly charming than the original Tom Hanks. And the killer’s Baby Face mask is a welcome and fun new addition to the hall of fame for slasher flick iconography.



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