Inflatable Sex Dolls of the Wastelands (1967)

Atsushi Yamatoya directs Yūichi Minato, Miki Watari and Noriko Tatsumi in the Japanese pink film where a hitman must find the yakuza who are holding a businessman’s girl hostage and keep sending him films of her being raped and tortured… I think?

Around 15 years ago, the NFT did a season of Japanese exploitation movies that I gobbled up. Atsushi Yamatoya wrote two of the best features I saw in the retrospective; the already famous Branded to Kill and Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter. The former shares a similar plot and vibe as this film; duelling hitmen, fetishes, lurid desires. The latter was a more obvious pink film: featuring nudity and or sex every 10 minutes. Inflatable Sex Dolls of Wastelands is one of Yamatoya’s rare self directed efforts. The plot is near incomprehensible – a kinda wet dream nightmare that pre-dates 8MM and Anomalisa. There are lurches into surreal horror and traditional hard boiled noir. Some of the imagery has genuine flair to it. But at the end of the day it still just a film that mechanically returns to rape and forced nudity every 10 minutes. While you get lost along its strange and artful back alleys you always find yourself back at the same unpleasant crossroads.


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