Medicine Man (1992)

John McTiernan directs Sean Connery, Lorraine Bracco and Elias Monteiro Da Silva in this action romance where a pair of mismatched scientists try to find the secret ingredient for a cure for cancer before their unique swathe of rainforest is destroyed.

As an attempt to make an ecologically worthy update of The African Queen, Medicine Man has its heart in the right place. McTiernan is in his element in an impressive on location jungle shoot. The leads have heat right up until the point they start admiring each other. Bracco is really good here, I’m never entirely sure what the Razzies see in their so called worst nominations every year, and this proves a case in point. After the first act though the story is stuck in a rut and doesn’t really cover any new ground. We science, we bicker, we abseil, we flirt… rinse and repeat.


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