Outland (1981)

Peter Hyams directs Sean Connery, Frances Sternhagen and Peter Boyle in this High Noon set in space mash-up.

The look, FX and vibes are ripped off from Ridley Scott’s Alien. Genuinely, this could be an alternative prequel or a sequel to the 1979 space mining corporation classic and that’s no bad thing. The plot is the Gary Cooper classic with a space amphetamine twist… equally no bad thing. If you don’t come looking for originality then Outland has juicy stuff to offer. Cat and mouse chases through weaving, sprawling future corridors and hive cells. Steadicam is employed daringly to launch you right into the dash and dodge of these battles. A dedicatedly nuanced performance from the far too often glib Connery. An eclectic support cast. A rousing Jerry Goldsmith score (again sharing DNA with his superior work on Alien). Shock moments that will sate your bloodthirsty cravings. A fine Friday night macho blockbuster from the near past.


My Top 10 Sean Connery Movies

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