The King (2019)

David Michôd directs Timothée Chalamet, Joel Edgerton and Sean Harris in this dark retelling of Henry V’s battles with France.

From a director not shy of darkness and frenzy, I want to be able to pinpoint more reasons why I couldn’t enjoy this beyond the winsome and flat Chalamet. But I can’t. He’s just a wet, unconvincing presence as always. This feels like Game of Thrones cosplay, wasting a strong cast who are subservient to a wafer thin lead. Robert Pattinson makes the best impression as a punkishly arrogant Dauphin, proof that there is a way out of the pretty boy ghetto. I doubt wee Timothée will ever reconfigure himself as someone you look forward to being cast though, he really is just a wan face… After a while I was opening side windows to look up actors and check my emails… there was no way to fully engage with Michôd well staged vision when we kept returning to such an unlikable anachronistic drip leading the charge.


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