Emperor of the North (1973)

Robert Aldrich directs Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine and Keith Carradine in this Depression era action movie where the unofficial king of the hobos, A-No. 1, wants to ride a rail line policed by the deadly conductor Shack.

Barneys, stunts, bum humour, scruffy period dress, breathtaking locations and choo-choos. Either you wanna watch dirty Marvin and nasty Borgnine old man fight on top of a speeding train with chains and 2by4s or you don’t. Don’t waste my time if you are the latter! “Stay off the tracks. Forget it. Its a bum’s world for a bum. You’ll never be Emperor of the North Pole, kid. You had the juice, kid, but not the heart and they go together. You’re all gas and no feel, and nobody can teach you that, not even A-No.1. So stay off the train, she’ll throw you under for sure. Remember me for that. So long, kid.”


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