Ladyhawke (1985)

Richard Donner directs Rutger Hauer, Matthew Broderick and Michelle Pfeiffer in this fantasy adventure where a young thief helps a couple of cursed lovers; a knight who turns into a wolf at night and a princess who turns into a hawk by day.

Again, like The Neverending Story, this feels like one that should have been a childhood favourite but passed me by? I was a little worried in the first ten minutes. Matthew Broderick escapes a dungeon talking direct to camera / praying to God (in a dry run for Ferris Bueller). The action is very scrappily edited and dubbed. Like someone lost all the coverage and the sequence has been cobbled together from B roll and off cuts. Once we are on the run with Hauer and a hawk the quality solidifies. He cuts a striking figure and the location work is pretty epic. As the sun sets he tags out and Michelle Pfeiffer mysteriously appears all sexy and ethereal. Donner gets the blend of derring do, mysticism and tragic romance just right. It isn’t a perfect production. A synth score by Alan Parsons intrudes regularly to take you out of the timeless aesthetic. The grand finale of a cathedral interior joust doesn’t really play all the balls in the air with any noticeable flair. A comfy forgotten blockbuster most notable for being one of the awesome Rutger’s first Hollywood hero roles.


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