War Machine (2017)

David Michôd directs Brad Pitt, Anthony Michael Hall and Topher Grace in this war satire loosely based on the exploits of General Stanley McChrystal who took over the occupation of Afghanistan and tried to win the war of hearts and minds that literally nobody else was invested in.

An alright film – not as funny, or zany, or affecting as it needs to be but well made and navigating some harsh truths of modern geopolitics. I find it hilarious that something so solid has an arbitrarily low score on Letterboxd. The main reasoning seems to be the kids don’t like Brad Pitt with grey hair but I suspect the true symptom is that a glimpsed Barack Obama is painted in an unflattering light. The woke generation don’t like seeing their idolised icon behaving how a politician must and world leader has no choice but to. Slippery. I reckon this representation is closer to the truth and have no issue with that. But yeah… this is a “rubbish movie” as a broad Pitt plays his age and has an amusing old man run. Bless his goofy heart, he commits to it. Catch-2010.


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