The Hidden (1987)

Jack Sholder directs Michael Nouri, Kyle MacLachlan and Claudia Christian in this sci-fi buddy cop movie where a body-hopping alien serial killer goes on various sprees around L.A..

A Saturday Night Special. The same plot as The Borrower, Monolith and to some extent Fallen, this sees a variety of character actors and cult figures become the carnage loving extra terrestrial villain. The police chasing him are boosted by a quirky pre-Twin Peaks turn by MacLachlan who completely takes the movie from Nouri’s de facto lead. What is most impressive about The Hidden (a throwaway release probably made by New Line on the same budget as a Freddy sequel) is just how high its production values seem. Filmed on the same downtown streets as The Terminator, it has verisimilitude that most cheap sci-fi releases lack. Even the action is ambitious; it opens with bank robbery / car chase that feels more of the standard of an Arnie or Sly production. Well worth tracking down.


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