The Borrower (1991)

John McNaughton directs Rae Dawn Chong, Tom Towles and Antonio Fargas in this sci-fi horror where an alien is condemned to Earth as punishment but must regularly steal and wear new heads to stop himself from mutating.

Made in-between Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and Mag Dog & Glory this sleazy Cannon production has lots of gore and strangeness. Imagine Men In Black but with an 18 certificate. Like every VHS gem, it seems more fascinated in bums and punks than the cops and final girl. The plot prescribes that the cast is inherently interchangeable, our titular parasite swaps personas every twenty minutes or so. Nobody can claim to be the protagonist in a production this busy and distracted. Though a young Mädchen Amick does turn up for an early walk-on part as a shotgun-toting garage band groupie and you kinda wish she was the lead. Nasty and silly, not a classic but satisfyingly typical of its own strange little sub-genre.


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