Cursed (2004)

Wes Craven directs Christina Ricci, Jesse Eisenberg and Joshua Jackson in this werewolf horror where to siblings are infected by the beast.

Did you hear about Cursed? The horror film that took two and half years and $40 million to make? Why? Because the Weinsteins had a 90% complete film in the can and decided to completely rewrite and majorly recast it… then they did that again… and then they had a fourth reshoot that took out all the gore. Gone are Rick Barker’s practical creature FX. Gone are any of Kevin Williamson self aware jokes or well executed twists. It pretty much stalled rising star Ricci’s career and slowed Craven down when he could have churned out two or three lower budgeted gems before his death. What we are left with is formless, bloodless and clinical. It goes through the motions with zero imagination and thrills. You can spot scenes and shots where dialogue has been overdubbed, old subplots have been pruned and characters are far younger. Eisenberg manages to hit his now standard acerbic geek schtick well, no matter what obvious wig he is wearing. Ricci has less freedom and the occasional glimpse of her as curvaceous teen jar with the dominant third gen sequences where she is stick thin and an adult. A scarred yet unexceptional film this gets by on the likeability of its exhausted cast and one goofy shot where a werewolf flips us the finger.


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